Bonding Between Generations

Share your living space in exchange for compansionship

We pair seniors with students and other seniors providing them with companionship and students with affordable housing

We connect older adults with spare room to younger adults seeking a place to stay for short term or long term. But wait! there is a twist. Young people can help in activities of daily living for lower rent.

Young people can facilitate seniors’ ability to stay at in their own homes independently for as long as possible, while older adults can enrich the lives of the young and share their knowledge and skills.


An increasing number of seniors are at risk of becoming socially isolated, and as a result lonely. This negatively affects both their physical and mental well being. Research shows that there are many negative physical and psychological impacts of social isolation such as poor mobility, a rapid cognitive decline, increased risk of dementia, increased cost to the healthcare system and a poor quality of life.

Being connected to engaged younger adults like students, seniors can find meaningful companionship, engage in daily conversations and have someone to help them with activities of daily living

Affordable Housing

Whether you’re a student moving to a new city for the first time or have lived there all your life, finding reasonable rent on a nice apartment can be a major challenge. Along with increasing tuition fees and other living expenses high rent can add a lot of additional burden on students.

One Roof provides students with the opportunity to find living arrangements that are affordable in exchange for their time interacting with seniors and helping them with daily living activities such a preparing and sharing a meal, walking the dog, etc.

Co-Living Arrangement

Seniors sharing home with another Senior – If living with someone outside your generation isn’t your thing, seniors can always consider sharing their home with another senior or if you already have a place of your own, renting out a room in your residence for a reduced rent can help you keep more money in your pocket while having someone to socialize with. One Roof offers seniors option to share their home with another senior. We use common interests, similar personalities, or even just individual preference to match two seniors who can live together and form meaningful companionship. The two can engage in daily conversations, help each other with chores or just provide a sense of security in case of an emergency.

“I’ve heard people say that they  are boring, but they are actually so much fun. They say what they think. I feel like I’m the one that’s lucky here getting to hang out with them”


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